Pulsar Construction Services specializes in renting to landscapers and small construction businesses. Two Locations - Fort Worth & Hico, Texas!

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Equipment Rentals

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Skid Steer

Kubota SVL75-2WC

Introducing the versatile and powerful Kubota compact front loader with Land Pride wide bucket attachment. The 4-cylinder turbocharged engine provides 74 horsepower and impressive movement speed while the hydraulic arm lift is rated over 4,700 pounds breakout force with a bucket breakout force threshold of 6,200 pounds. Utilizing a vertical arm lift, this “skid steer” has a tipping weight of over 6,500 pounds so your plans to move some earth and relocate some small trees is a key crank away.


Kubota KX040-4R3A

Featuring our “Does-It-All” 2020 Kubota turbo diesel compact mini-excavator. This innovative machine will permit you to accomplish any of your farm and land improvement needs. Harnessing a 40 horsepower motor and equipped with a 6” flat bucket with 9,500 of breakforce, digging and trenching was never easier. Plus, a 6-position adjustable & pilot-controlled blade integrates its inherent bulldozer features. Whether you’re enlarging a pond, prepping and installing drainage culverts, or scooping piles of base rock for roads or driveways, your dual joysticks keep you in command of all your construction jobs.


Ditch Witch C16X

Better Traction Equals Better Productivity. Maximize your performance with the Ditch Witch C12X walk-behind trencher. With its 12-hp (8.9-kW) Honda® engine and 24-in trenching depth capability, the C12X delivers more power and efficiency in a compact design for tighter job sites.

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Please fill out the form below if you have an inquiry or would like to get in touch with one of our reps.